Hi! I’m Kieran. I trained as an actor at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and after graduating I plunged into a life of creativity. My day to day life is an eclectic mix of artistic wonderfulness and a large part of that is photography: portrait, performance, headshot, animal and events. I have an enormous passion for everything I do and feel incredibly lucky that being creative has become my full-time job.

The concept of immortalising a moment in the perfect photograph is hugely exciting. I continuously seek to capture the story, the emotion and the personality within every subject and subsequently within every photo. Working in the performing arts industry for many years has given me a flair for performance and headshot photography in particular; a foundation that translates across all of my work.

Actors Headshots

My training as an actor and years working as a director and practitioner has given me an acute understanding of cast-type and a sharp eye for what is currently popular in the industry. I’ve worked with actors most of my life and professionally for the past 10 years so I know how to bring out the best in everyone I shoot.

If you’d like to find out more or make an enquiry then please get in touch here.

Kieran Vyas