Do you shoot indoor or outdoor?

I shoot in a studio which enables me to have complete control over the light and make you look your best. It also means we’re not relying on the weather and you won’t freeze during the colder months!

What should I wear?

Please arrive in your favourite top and bring several other options to change into over the course of the shoot. We’ll have time for one or two changes but it’s nice to have more options! Avoid busy patterns or logos which can be distracting. Plain tops are preferable and subtle detail such as lace or sequins can sometimes look fantastic. Bring your favourite tops that you feel most comfortable in and show you off the best. If you’re uncertain of what you want to go for we can discuss this at the time and make decisions together.

What about hair and makeup?

Please arrive ready to start shooting straight away, but bring anything you might need to change your style as we go along (i.e brush, hair ties etc.). Have your hair how you usually do every day, or how you would most frequently have it when going to an audition. Then we’ll play with a few styles throughout the shoot.

How will I be able to view my files after the shoot?

You’ll be able to view all the photos online after the shoot and pick which 3 headshots you’d like to go for.

Will I receive the unretouched files?

No, unfortunately, you won’t receive the unretouched files.

It is standard practice for photographers not to give away unretouched files. Professional photographers shoot in RAW, which is not to be confused with the jpegs that you get from point-and-shoot cameras. Unlike jpegs, RAW files are uncompressed and require editing before they can be shared. A jpeg allows the camera to make decisions about contrast, colour balance, skin tones etc. and burns that information into the file so that is ready to be shared immediately. RAW files require the photographer to make their own decisions during the editing process. Straight out of the camera, RAW photos are not in a condition that accurately reflects me as a professional or you as an actor/dancer/model. It takes time, expertise and professional software to prepare RAW files for sharing online.

I spend a huge amount of time and care retouching your selected photos and it’s those final images that are shared online and distributed amongst the industry. It’s incredibly important that any of the photos you receive live up to my standards. I care most about two things, you as the client and the quality of my work. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy.

How/when do I pay?

A 50% deposit is required to secure the date. The remaining amount can be paid via cash on the day or bank transfer at any point. You won’t be able to view your photos online until the payment is made.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you do need to cancel for any reason, please give me more than 48 hours notice otherwise I may have to retain part of your deposit to cover costs such as the venue hire. If you do need to cancel and give me notice, I’ll gladly refund your deposit.